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After 30 years of working in the beauty industry as a therapist, Sally Curson formulated Face Matters. Made from natural and organic ingredients, pure and gentle formulations are at the forefront of the brand ensuring that Face Matters is kind to both your skin and the environment.

Hi Sally, now I know how incredible your products and facials are but tell me, what makes you unique in a skincare world of injectables?

I take a very customised approach to my treatments. They really are tailor made for your skin on the day – you will see an immediate improvement but my real focus is on long term progressive results to improve contours, tone, texture and overall skin health so that you still look like you but the best, freshest version of you with no downtime or risks.

And talk me through your own personal journey?

I began working as a therapist 30 years ago and facials became my main focus about 10 years ago. I was suffering from severe rosacea after some fairly substantial personal stress and so I began researching ingredients and formulating products primarily to treat my own skin. One thing led to another and Face Matters was born.

Is this why you are so supportive of other female led businesses?

Absolutely. I had a very difficult divorce and was left homeless and had to start again from scratch aged 40 with 2 young children. I’d lost my eldest daughter and mother and so was really up against it both financially and emotionally. You never know what a person is going through and we ladies have so much to juggle anyway that starting a business is even more challenging.

You’ve recently had a brand overhaul which I love, what was the reason behind this?

My cost of goods are incredibly high due to the very high quality ingredients and hand-made small production runs – I wanted to bring my RRPs down and so I decided to drop the boxes, liners, leaflets, cellowrap and Italian frosted glass containers – reducing costs massively and also eliminating all unnecessary waste. I also wanted to focus more on overall skin health and to appeal to men as well as women and a younger market too.

And your lovely daughter designed the packaging?

She did indeed. She’s an art student and I was looking through some of her sketches and found this cute jar with a stem of leaves which just so perfectly reflected the botanical pureness of the ingredients – she charged me an Ipad Pro so she could turn it from sketch to graphics!

I hate the phrase anti ageing, what is your take on this?

I really don’t like it either – another reason for my re-brand. We are supposed to age – let’s just do it as healthily as possible. Ageing is a privilege.

You’re based in Hampshire but have multiple celeb clients, will you travel to offer your own unique service?

Absolutely, depending on circumstances obviously.

What’s the biggest mistake women make when it comes to skincare?

Over complicating and over loading the skin. We all accumulate so many products – most of which we really don’t need. Keep it simple. Using a face cloth with a quality wash means you don’t need an exfoliant. Nourish well and then just a retinol or lactic acid for sensitive skin will make such a difference to the texture. I like The Ordinary Granular Reactive 2%. And never forget the SPF – Heliocare mineral fluid is wonderful and adds a nice glow too.

Do you feel like what you’re offering is therapy in every sense?

I hope so. My environment is especially relaxed and everyone feels very comfortable. Most clients become regulars and so we become a part of one another’s lives and I guess my own journey has made me a good listener.

As a successful female entrepreneur what are your top tips for women starting out on their own?

Only work with people you respect and who’s company you enjoy. Build up slowly. Recognise your own skillset and where possible outsource the work that stresses you out – for me that’s mainly IT and Accounting!

Thanks so much

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Donna McCulloch

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