What Face Matters Doesn’t Use

Face Matters SkinHealth, What we don't put in


We don’t love the baddies!

Sulphates – synthetic foaming agents which are toxic to fish and do not break down well in the environment as well as containing levels of the carcinogen dioxane.

Mineral oils and petroleum based ingredients; highly processed and don’t allow the skin to breathe. Form a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss but don’t actually add any deep nourishment.

Lanolin – derived from sheep wool and can cause allergic reaction – think about the contents of a ship dip – no thanks, not on my skin!

Palm Oil – why would anyone?!

Many synthetic ingredients may irritate the skin and cause allergies to develop. So many people think they have poor skin when in fact they are just using the wrong products. Nurturing oils revitalise and soften skin tissue and infuse the skin with moisture.

We absorb up to 60% of what we place on our skin; it therefore makes sense to use pure ingredients in your skincare routine. #lovewhatmatters #lookafteryou

Our creation ethos is key https://www.facemattersskinhealth.com/pages/ethos

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