Top Tips from Face Matters SkinHealth on Men’s Skin Care

Face Matters SkinHealth, Mens Skin Care

Shaving will be easier, skin won’t look blotchy or red, and you’ll experience fewer ingrown hairs, too.

Having fewer breakouts, bumps, dryness, redness and oily areas.

Renewed confidence! There’s nothing wrong (or unmanly) with wanting to look your best.

All of those benefits, plus smoother, more even-textured and healthier-looking skin are possible from using a simple, well formulated skincare routine. And don’t worry, this routine won’t take long at all!

A word on what we mean by “well formulated”: It’s unfortunate, but many skincare products aimed at men contain sensitizing, drying ingredients such as fragrance, parfum and alcohol, amongst others, which can be problematic. It’s enough to put men off skincare for life—and we can’t say we blame you!

A quick and easy routine for healthier skin now

Our brilliantly formulated products will truly improve a man’s skin, and are simple to use. Be prepared for an about-face! Here’s our simple skin health routine:

Step 1: Face Off Cleanser
Wash your face with our Face Off Cleanser morning and evening.
This clears excess oil and surface grime so you’ll get a fresher complexion, a closer smoother shave if that’s appropriate for you, and the other products you apply will work even better. This is an essential step for skin that feels fresh and clean, not tight or dry.
We recommend using a face cloth too, which will exfoliate and remove dead skin cells which can cause the skin to look and feel tight and dull.

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Step 2: Face Food Serum

Just 2 pumps of this super serum with key ingredients of safflower, calendula, lemon and sandalwood. Works deep down to hydrate and feed the skin.  Your skin may only need this a couple of times a week. Massage a pea sized amount over face in an upward motion.

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Step 3: All About Face Balm

This totally brilliant balm is packed with ingredients that re-charge the skin’s appearance.  A tiny amount (pea sized – petit pois not marrowfat!) is all you need to soothe and nourish and toughen up the skin’s defences.

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 A Smarter Shave

No discussion of men’s skincare would be complete without some advice on how to get the best shave. Shaving is the one act that clearly distinguishes a man’s skincare routine from women’s skincare—the rest is mostly marketing to appeal to each gender. This advice will make shaving easier and faster:

  • The best time to shave is at the end of, or immediately following your shower (let personal preference be your guide).
  • Washing your face before shaving helps soften the hairs which makes your shave smoother.
  • Don’t use very hot water as that will aggravate skin, leading to redness and a dry, tight feeling.
  • Choose a fragrance free shaving gel/cream/foam.
  • Use a clean razor and shave in the direction of your hair growth, using short strokes.
  • If you find you need to shave in the opposite direction of hair growth (such as for whiskers on your neck), do so slowly and gently.
  • Be sure to rinse your razor often and replace every few shaves.
  • Run your hands over your face and neck to ensure that you haven’t missed any areas.
  • Finish your morning skincare routine by applying a nourishing soothing Balm.
  • If you’re out and about don’t forget the sunscreen!



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