The Benefits Of Facial Massage

Face Matters SkinHealth, The Benefits Of Facial Massage

Facial massage can firm and sculpt. It helps by increasing circulation (healthy glow), stimulating the lymph nodes (reduce swelling), and relaxing tight muscles (prevent the formation of wrinkles), it releases tension and also removes dead skin cells, leaving you with skin that looks and feels younger and healthier.

Face Matters SkinHealth, Face Food Serum


1. Warm a couple of drops of Face Food Serum between fingertips and spread it all over your face in stroking movements.

2. Let your jaw drop and smile the biggest smile you can. Hold it for as long as possible.

3. Using sweeping movements, lift the skin of the cheeks upwards with fingertips. be gentle but firm.

4. With thumb and index finger, pinch along the eyebrows. This relieves build up of tension.

5. Using an index finger on each eyebrow start on the inside edge of the brow and firmly slide fingers down to the end of the brow.

6. Using the middle fingers make small circular movements from the bridge of the nose down to the outer corners of lips.

7. Using the ring fingers apply pressure underneath the eyes, starting from the inside corner following the bone of the socket.

8. Wake up tired eyes; without moving the head look up, down, left and right a few times.

9. Pinch your cheeks and jawline with thumb and side of index finger to get the blood pumping into the face and create a glow.

10. Finish off with some soothing stroking movements to settle the product into the skin.

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