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At Face Matters our mission is to help you achieve healthy,
happy skin.

How best to use Face Matters?

Face Matters Cleanser


Cleanse but ditch the soap. Start and finish each day with our FACE OFF CLEANSER a seriously effective super gentle foaming cleanser. The surface of your skin will be left feeling revitalised without any tautness.


All About Face BalmThe summer may have left your skin feeling dry and flaky. Our ALL ABOUT FACE BALM multi-tasks as an effective exfoliant when used with a muslin cloth. Skin will feel cleansed, incredibly soft and look radiant. This multi-talented BALM will offer a super restorative treatment if applied and left overnight, you will wake with baby soft skin. Do this several times a week and your face will show the benefits quicker than you could ever imagine. It cleanses, it nourishes; use on elbows, lips, heels, even dry split ends! Our 24/7 BALM is a truly luxurious, multi-functional, skin health boosting must have. A perfect all-in-one for travelling and gym bags too.

Face Food SerumLast but by no means least is the FACE FOOD SERUM. Apply a drop or two into your hand and massage gently on thoroughly cleansed skin. With a potent blend of botanical ingredients, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E and essential fatty acids (essential for the retention and enhancement of skin moisture), Vitamin A to aid cell regeneration and GLA, it will revitalise, restore and replenish ageing skin, plus giving it that all important nourishing boost. Once tried can’t live without – that’s a promise!

Central heating and stepping from hot indoor to cold outdoor temperatures really does dehydrate and take it’s toll; on ageing skin particularly. The skin very quickly starts to show a healthier tone and texture and will look fresher, smoother and much firmer.

All products in the range have an uplifting aroma, made up of a carefully chosen blend of botanical oils, all selected for positive effects on the soul as well as the skin and to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol – bring on the peace!

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