Get lippy

Get Lippy

I just LOVE make-up. Which when I had a make-up cupboard (yes cupboard not bag or box) clearout last weekend became all too apparent! I have 14 black eyeliners. Don’t even ask.

Anyway, it got me thinking about make-up waste and in particular lipstick. I’m your typical if you’re having a bad day then a new lipstick will help kind of girl….. feeling gloomy you need a new gloss. That sort of thing. But did you know that when you think your favourite lippy is all flat and finished that actually there’s nearly as much left inside the twist up as you’ve already used.

So dig deep girls. You just need a little lip brush – I like the twist up ones with a lid to keep them clean which are available from places like Boots or Superdrug and you won’t believe how much longer those lipsticks last – which means more budget for the skincare.

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