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It takes a determined discipline to thoroughly cleanse your face twice a day, especially when all you want to do is hit the sheets but it really does only take 2 or 3 minutes to properly cleanse your face before bed and you’ll see your complexion immediately brightened. Use a good old fashioned flannel or some sort of muslin cloth to exfoliate at the same time and remove all those dull-making dead skin cells too. Make-up left on overnight is a breeding ground for dirt, dust and oil. Pores become blocked and enlarged, which will cause blemishes and uneven skin tone. None of us realise how often we touch our faces during the day, each time spreading bacteria – havoc is wreaked!

Face Off Cleanser

Be sure to use a good quality cleanser that won’t irritate, or strip your skin dry. Where many cleansers strip skin of its natural oil, leaving it feeling squeaky and tight, our natural based Face Off will gently and thoroughly remove dirt, makeup and all the deep down dirty stuff effectively and without upsetting the skin’s natural balance.

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The provenance of the ingredients contained in our formulations is integral to our whole brand. Our products are made from natural and certified organic plant extracts, many of which are fair trade and sourced from small farms and producers. Each ingredient is assessed to ensure that it is totally pure. Our manufacturers are inspected annually by the Soil Association, who audit the ingredient trail from the farm to the finished product.

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