Are You Picking Up Good Foundations?

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Many years ago (decades actually!!) I trained as a make-up artist at The Jemma Kidd Make-up School in London.  My tutor was David Horne, one of the industry’s leading MUA’s and beauty writers.  He was completely wonderful to work with.

I was at a bit of a cross roads and unsure whether to focus purely on skincare or branch out to a more general beauty career and I’m a big believer in research, training and educating before making those sorts of decisions in life.

As much as I loved the make-up and the glamour of that side of the industry for me it kept coming back to one really important thing.  Foundations.  Not the make-up type that you slather all over your face.  The solid foundations of strong healthy skin.  If you don’t have that then no matter what you slap over the top it will never look quite as good as it should.

My decision was made for me and I’m so glad that it was.  My belief and passion for providing completely gorgeous, high quality, active skincare becomes stronger and stronger the more time goes on.  My mantra is and always will be “buy less buy better”.

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