A Lockdown Thank You

Lockdown Thank You

Hope this weekend finds you well and at peace after such a harrowing and humbling week on very many levels.

I should have been walking along this beach today – it’s my happy place.  It’s peaceful and quiet and the sand is just perfect for toe wiggling grounding ~ one of my favourite pastimes ~ probably because I live in a very small apartment with no outdoor space, and so for me the sight and sound and smell and expanse of the sea is just the most uplifting emotion. And I should be celebrating a birthday with the best friend I have ever known in my whole life but instead of local tapas it will be a FaceTime with wine and planning our long awaited meet up.

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit blurgh and then I opened my phone.  Yesterday I re-activated the online booking system for facial appointments w/c 6th July and not only am I, within the space of 48 hours, fully booked for that first week but  into the following week too and appointments being made for well into September, I have also received the most incredible text messages and emails and flowers and huge outpouring of genuine love and support which have reduced me to a sobbing grateful wreck over my Linda Mcartney veggie sausages this morning.

I really just wanted to thank all of you for this most incredible support.  Some of you know my story; abuse, death of baby daughter, homelessness, loss of loved ones and all stability and security;  and it’s been a long and difficult journey to this point and so the little things really do mean a great deal to me.  I was in my late forties when I began Face Matters.  No Spring chick that’s for sure, and so if any of you out there are struggling I really wanted to say that if I can do it then so can you.  As long as we have hope and the determination to focus and visualise and make things happen, one tiny step at a time, then along with good health and a best friend we are fortunate for we have everything.

I really can’t wait to see you all again.  I have so missed our chats; these facials are about so much more than just skincare and the conversation covers every topic you can imagine. I’m especially strong on Brexit, stressy teenagers, grumpy men, stroppy friends, families, menopausal madness and fad diet tips.

Keep strong, keep smiling and only worry about what really matters.

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